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WB0VTM-7's UI-View32 Web Server

(This page will automatically refresh every five minutes)

The following is a list of all the stations heard on RF in the past 60 minutes.

'+' or '-' before a callsign means that it it is a UI-View station
'*' after a callsign means that it was heard via a digi

The list only includes callsigns heard on RF, direct or via digipeaters. It does not include callsigns heard on the internet, or heard as third-party RF traffic via IGATEs. You can search for other callsigns by inputting them in the box below and clicking the Search button.


There are 17 callsigns in the list, click a callsign to get an information page for that station

CallsignSymbolLocation MilesBearingLast heard
 K4MSU-3*(S) Digi36.36.82N 088.19.33W91.3158Mar 20 16:41
 K9GPV-9*Jeep37.55.91N 087.55.17W55.584Mar 20 15:52
 KB9ORF-9*No. Car37.36. N 088.30. W29.0126Mar 20 16:25
 KC9BUH*Antenna38.22.84N 086.38.65W129.973Mar 20 16:01
 KC9BUH-9*Jeep38.15.10N 087.34.87W78.769Mar 20 16:30
 KC9SZ-15(S) Digi38.05.54N 089.38.02W42.1294Mar 20 16:35
 KD9IWV-6(S) Digi37.34.91N 088.28.52W30.8126Mar 20 16:38
 KD9OFX-9*Car37.54.74N 087.13.40W93.487Mar 20 16:37
 KN4MNI-9*Bike37.02.39N 088.34.07W59.0160Mar 20 16:35
 KO4CHM-9*Car37.09.16N 087.45.01W80.5126Mar 20 16:13
 KY4K-10*(S) Digi37.51.95N 087.34.08W74.488Mar 20 16:38
 N0AMY-2*X65.58.51N 127.59.62W2486.2334Mar 20 16:41
 N0AMY-7*Truck37.01.72N 088.34.07W59.7160Mar 20 16:37
 NO9MC-9*Truck37.50.02N 089.05.77W9.2265Mar 20 16:17
-WB0VTM-7*(B) Digi37.50.72N 088.55.76W0.00Mar 20 16:40
 WB9F-5*Home37.41.38N 088.38.04W19.4123Mar 20 16:32
 WV4O*Home36.36.04N 088.19.45W92.1159Mar 20 16:03

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